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Perfect Balance of Performance and Portability
Stars Rating:

XPS M1330
Penryn T9300 2.5GHZ Core 2 Duo
3GB Ram 667MHZ
200GB 7200RPM HD
128MB 8400GS
Standard LCD Display with 2MP Camera
Windows Vista Ultimate
Intel Wireless N w/ Bluetooth
3yr NBD Onsite w/ Complete Care
Standard 6Cell Battery
Midnight Blue Casing

Windows Experience Index Ratings:

Processor = 5.4
Memory (RAM) = 5.1
Graphics = 4.1
Gaming Graphics = 4.7
Primary Hard Disk = 5.4


- Slim, light and very Sexy. A true portable machine that attracts a lot of attention.
- This system is very fast for its size and weight.
- Very durable design.
- Love Dell Media Direct and touch sensitive media controls
- Fingerprint reader works like a charm
- HDMI out
- Comes with great accessories such as, remote control, headphones, slip case, Manual and CD Holder
- Discreet Graphics Card
- Shorter than average battery life (2.5hrs)
- Keyboard needs to be pressed hard for some keys to register
- Only 2 USB ports
- Standard LCD is hard to see outdoors or in direct lighting
- Slot load DVD play is loud
- System will not hibernate properly (Windows Visa Issue)
- System can only be built with Windows Vista - Screen cannot open 180 degrees due to hinge design
- Attracts fingerprints and dust easily
- Slight difference in the gaps on the hinges, LCD screen and placement of the battery. (VERY MINOR)
Addition thoughts:
I was looking for a new computer for months. I looked at every brand, ever product, and considered all of my options. I even bought and returned 2 other systems. In the end I picked the XPS M1330. I really wondered if I made the right choice right up until it came to my door. As soon as I opened it, I fell in love.

The XPS M1330 is the best system that I have ever owned and I am glad that I went with yet another Dell Product. There are only two USB Ports but so what! Get yourself a $20 USB Hub or use Bluetooth accessories. This system comes loaded with everything you will ever need: Internal DVD burner, dedicated graphics, high performance CPU, Large and fast hard drive and great accessories in a package that is portable and looks great. You get all of this at a price below the competition.

Dell has made a move in the right direction. My only wish is that mine came with the LED Screen. This would decrease the size and weight while increasing brightness and extending battery life. The size of the screen and the text is a perfect balance. I would never choose another 15” notebook again.

If you seriously want a high performance, light, portable, and sexy machine, look no further than the XPS M1330.

P.S. this machine will fit inside of a standard magazine envelope. It also demands instant respect at either the office or in school. Balance of professionalism and style.
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