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Add Stuff TM is a free service that helps you manage and share information about your belongings.
  • Stuff Manager
    Our Stuff Manager helps you keep track of information you want to remember about your items.

  • Personal Profile
    Share your experiences about items with friends or everyone through your personal profile.

  • Friends
    Find or invite your friends, and see what items they are adding in their profiles.

  • Product Community
    The place to interact with people that are interested in the same brands and products as you!

    • Index items
      Contribute to the product community by indexing your items that has a brand and product name.

    • Review items
      The product community wants to hear about your thoughts and experiences with the branded products you own.

Because stuff makes life more enjoyable! ...and gives people something to talk about. The stuff you add to your life is a part of your identity.

Sign up for a free Add Stuff TM Account now and start adding items to your stuff manager.

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