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Widescreen monitor

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Stuff ID: 266                 Added: Aug 26, 2008                 View: 1930


steve, on Apr 06, 2009, said :

nice computer screen!

ugly house! just kidding :D

steve, on Apr 05, 2009, said :

i am a sexy dancer! doing sexy sexy moves:D

arnold, on Dec 28, 2008, said :

What do you use it for? Does it work well on games?

arnold, on Dec 28, 2008, said :

Cool monitor man! :D

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Without question the best
Stars Rating:
Image quality, inputs, design, device stability (doesn't wobble), mounting options, color reproduction
Price (albeit less than it used to be)
Addition thoughts:
We have a large number of these (and/or the previous versions) at my office. This display produces the best images of any LCD I've ever used (including Apple, Viewsonic, Samsung, NEC, etc.). The only downside - and this is subjective - is price. We had to settle on a less expensive model for new offices due to price concerns.
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